Imagined Glass is my way to freelance and branch out with my art and craftsmanship. My name is Brian Laughlin. I have been working for over 20+ years as a glass artist, designer, craftsman, and glazier. A large portion of the work I've done has been creating and restoring beautiful stained glass windows you see in churches, mausoleums, and other architectural buildings.

During the course of my career, I decided to grow some of my previously learned skills with decorative art glass using sandblasting, which you see throughout this site and even more examples of much of my artwork in the links.

When I first began working with glass I lived in Pittsburgh, PA where I had graduated from the Art Institute of Pittsburgh graduating in Industrial Design Technology. I started off operating a CNC V-groove machine programming it with a CAD system cutting designs on hundreds of pieces. After a few months I added the responsibility of lead artist creating designs for stained glass and etched windows. That was when I was first introduced to sandblasting and hand beveling.

Outside of my job I have enjoyed coaching for my son and daughter's teams, but as they've grown my role turned to spectator seeing them play hard in soccer and tennis. I'll watch all different genre of tv and movies like lots of Marvel, animations like Pixar and grew up of course seeing Disney. Some lesser knowns that are very well done are The Secret of Kells, and Song of the Sea. I am a Star Wars fan (saw it when it came to the theatre at the age of 4), but I also watched plenty of Star Trek to balance the sci-fi worlds.

I've been learning some 3d modeling in Fusion 360 and doing more general sketching to keep me active in different areas. There's not always a lot of time to do everything you want, but a little at a time keeps adding to my Library. You never know where things will lead.

Please explore all my art glass and other works and reach out to me with any questions. I'm always open to discuss ideas or possibly collaborate on projects, hear your interests whether related in glass or not, and share in knowledge that everyone can learn from.

Best Regards,
-Brian Laughlin