Celtic Spiral Cross - Etched Art Glass Coaster

4 x 4 x 3/16 | glass | clear
You don't need to be religious to appreciate the decorative Celtic design style of this etched glass cross with spirals. The art glass is engraved on both sides using frosted and deep carving techniques. This creates an added layer to build on a 3d image.

* 4" x 4" x 3/16" clear

* Made to order decorative art glass

* Sandblasted on two sides for a layered 3d image effect

* Celtic spiral cross symbol design

* 3M Bumpon protective pads (removable if desired)

* Functional art glass beverage coaster or home décor accent display

* Edge lighting (blue image) adds a unique effect with glow and colors

* International shipping is available, but it is not portrayed accurately per location. Please contact me directly for questions or orders outside the USA.

Spirals can symbolize the continual circle of life. Included with an archetype symbol of the cross which has been adapted and associated with many religions. This original design can connect on a spiritual level. Regardless of your views, it's easy to appreciate the quality of the glass design which has been etched with care.

This design, like my others, can be adapted to other sizes, shapes, and substrate. I do offer personalization, such as monograms or art modifications. Those would be considered custom pieces and pricing will be adjusted to reflect the complexity of those changes. I can create or adapt designs for an architectural or interior design project.

These are great as a personal gift for weddings, birthdays, church events or keep it for your own found treasure. This is a great way to add a fine art accent to your office, business, or home décor.

Please remember that even though these pieces are functional, they are also decorative artworks made from glass. Without proper care, they may easily be scratched or broken.

Note about international shipping: Pricing is shown as a general estimate and will be made more accurate by providing a location. Overage charges will be refunded or you be notified for acceptance before shipping if additional charges apply.

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