Etched Glass Fairy Coaster Design – Sandblasted 3d Decorative Art Image

4" x 4" x 3/16" | Glass
The decorative etched glass fairy has a bit of sassiness and magic to her form on this drink coaster. The design is sandblasted creating a 3d art image using carving and shading techniques on both sides of the glass.

* Made to Order Item

* 4” x 4” x 3/16” clear jade glass square coaster with polished edges and 3m Bumpon furniture protective pads

* Fairy art silhouette with Celtic style overlay border frame

* International shipping is available, but it is not portrayed accurately per location. Please contact me directly for questions or orders outside the USA.

Glass art is a great way to add unique accents to your office, business, or home decor. These pieces spark conversation when displayed on a coffee table or mantel. They also make for great gifts for weddings, graduations, birthdays or any other holiday and special occasion.

The etched coasters are individually laid out and blasted by hand. Even if the design is reproduced, the piece still holds a unique quality of its own.

As a functional work of art, you should take care in its use. Though they are sturdy, they are also made of glass, which may be scratched or broken without proper care.

Please visit my policies link for more info, or contact me about any questions including custom designs by Imagined Glass. Thank you.