Ouroboros Mayan Design - Decorative Etched Art Glass Coaster

4 x 4 x 3/16 | glass | clear
The Ouroboros represents a timeless symbol of the dragon, or to some snake, devouring itself. The cycle of life is represented in this glass coaster as a stylized Mayan design of the dragon devouring his own tail.

* Made to Order Item

* Glass can be personalized or customized with an upcharge depending on the details.

* Measurements are 4" x 4" x 3/16" thick clear with a polished edge.

* Stand to display the glass art is shown but not included. One may be available upon request.

* International shipping is available, but it is not accurately portrayed. For a better estimate, please contact me directly for questions or orders.

Etched glass tends to look best against a dark solid background. It works as a great display on an art easel (not included) or a conversation starter laid out on your coffee table as functional coaster art. There are four 3M Bumpon protective feet to help keep scratches off your furniture and the glass - they may be removed if desired.

The bluish effect shown in the Ouroboros image is caused by edgelighting, and from the properties of sandblasted glass reflecting and dispersing the light. The actual pieces are clear throughout. It pops out either way and was sand carved on both sides to give the piece a layered 3d effect. The coaster art is carved deep on the backside with an overlay border frosted flat on the front of the glass.

Anyone interested in history, ancient cultures, or symbology may love to have this as a gift to display in their home interior's décor. Whether you use it as a functional beverage coaster or decorative display, this is unique artwork to add to your fine arts collection.