Rising Phoenix Mythological Fire Bird - Etched Art Glass Paperweight Decorative Display with Base

4" x 6" x 3/8" plus base | glass | clear
Rising Phoenix is a powerful symbolic image in mythology depicted by a bird of flames rising out through the ashes to return in a new cycle of life. In this etched fantasy art glass paperweight and display piece the firebird is depicted reaching with its wings upward shedding the past life into its new presence.

The deep carving is on the back surface of the glass while the front surface is super imposed over top adding another dimension of depth with its layer of frosted and shaded sandblasting. An Ouroboros symbol surrounds custom letters made to your specifics, which is a complimentary life symbol of cycles to the Phoenix imagery. The paperweight is displayed in a slotted maple wood base.

* Made to Order item

* Glass paperweight measures 4" x 6" x 3/8" thick with a polished edge

* Option Base 1 - Glass base measuring 5" x 3" deep x 1/2" thick clear

* Option Base 2 - Maple wood base measures 4.25" x 3/4" x 3.5" deep

* Custom initials are included to your specifications or left blank. Add a note to include the initials you want or message me for other customization such as insignia, monogram or writing (price may vary with these options if design work is needed)

** International shipping is available, but it is not portrayed accurately per location. Please contact me directly for questions or orders outside the USA.

This is a great gift that can help represent a new stage in life for someone, or a personal image to remind you about the hardships you may have gone through and the renewal or new determinations while looking forward into stronger and better ventures to come.