Turtle Japanese Symbol - Decorative Etched Art Glass Coaster - Home Decor Accents

4" x 4" x 3/16" | Glass
The Japanese turtle (tortoise) symbol represents life. The longevity of our souls and the journey between worlds. The turtle also carries that soul upon its back from the Earth to the Heavens.

In this decorative art glass coaster etching, the symbol is deep carved by hand sandblasting the backside of the glass.

* Made to Order Item

* Coaster measures 4" x 4" x 3/16" thick, clear with a polished edge.

* 3M rubber pads help protect furniture. They may be removed if desired.

* Japanese turtle symbol sandblasted on one side.

* International shipping is available, but it is not portrayed accurately per location. Please contact me directly for questions or orders outside the USA.

The sculpted depth pops out against a darker background. Whether you display it on a coffee table or along the mantle in a small art easel (using a black card behind it will create a natural edge light), it adds a fine art accent element to any home interior decor.

This image can be made for various sized glass, mirror, or other material substrate. This is an art piece that can be functional as a drink coaster. Though it is fairly sturdy, please keep in mind the use of material is glass and can be scratched or broken just as easily without proper care.

Creating a custom order is only an idea away with the conceptual artistry of Imagined Glass. Contact the studio further to develop an art glass piece especially for you.


Turtle Japanese Symbol - Decorative Etched Art Glass Coaster - Home Decor Accents - product images