Etched Glass - Celtic Fantasy Fairy and Butterfly - Decorative Tabletop Art Display

8" diameter | Glass
The fantasy world interacts with this etched art glass image of a woodland fairy nymph awaiting her butterfly friend which greets her at the end of her hand. The design incorporates a Celtic theme using the knotwork that braids around the outer edge.

* Made to Order Item

* Can be custom sized and personalized on request.

* Pictured is 7" diameter x 1/4" clear glass in natural stained maple wood base. (no longer offered)

* Variation 8" diameter x 1/4" polished edge with wood base - Design varies some from the original

* Etched on 2 sides for an added three dimensional effect.

* International shipping is available, but it is not portrayed accurately per location. Please contact me directly for questions or orders outside the USA.

Image shown is sandblasted into a 7" diameter 1/4" clear plate glass and displayed in a slotted maple wood base. The 8" one that is offered will have a few alterations in the design, but is still representative of the Butterfly landing onto the Fairy's Finger image. This is a beautiful three dimensional piece. It further develops the 3d image by utilizing both glass surfaces. On the front, the Celtic knotwork weaved around the outer edge that ends into the petals of a lotus flower, which is sandcarved and shaded. On the reverse side, the fairy girl speaks to her butterfly mate and is deep carved, flat frosted, and again shaded in a multiple stage technique. The outer perimeter edge is also etched.

The base is grooved for the glass to seat into comfortably. Maple wood is shown and has a natural stain. This can be adjusted to different wood species (cherry, oak) and staining (dark, light) upon request. The prices may vary slightly depending on the options chosen. Please make a note or contact me at the time of purchase. An alternate base may be ordered through me. I can get a few base variations with LED lights to edgelight the glass into a beautiful glow.

This is a made to order decorative art glass item. Any time a design is hand blasted it will have it's own unique qualities even if it is being duplicated. This all happens in the peeling stage and variable pressure and movement while making engraving the image into the glass. That's the beauty and quality of something that uses handmade elements.

It's a great gift idea for wedding unions or a thank you to the bride's maids or groomsmen, birthdays, holidays, fantasy themes, or for any occasion that someone would enjoy a unique work of art. Of course, you can always have one for yourself and treasure it in a curio cabinet or display it proudly on your fireplace mantle.

International buyers should take note that the shipping costs are estimated. A more accurate pricing will be given with a location provided.

Please review my polices and contact Imagined Glass directly for any questions or interests in custom design work.